Helping The Constipated Child

Useful Information for Struggling Parents

"To all the parents who do their very best each and every day. May you find the tools you need to help keep your child comfortable and moving well. Addressing this at an early age will help your child understand the importance of preventing and managing constipation which will have a profound impact on their health as they age. "

-Cathi Stack

Helping The Constipated Child

Solve your child's constipation today.

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Helping the constipated child is written for any parent who has ever dealt with a constipated child. The book is filled with advice, foods that will help, therapies, supplements and more. We'll help you determine when it's time to get a doctor involved, if you can solve it right at home, and even how to avoid it all together.

Written by Cathi Stack, who has spent more than 15 years working specifically with the constipated individual. With hundreds of patients helped, she is now looking to educate everyone on constipation and overall gut health!

Cathi has written multiple books on the topic of constipation and continues to write to help people live a life free of constipation. If you've found this book useful, you may want to check out Food Hacks - Foods and Recipes for Constipation


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