These are the best products to solve your constipation

I'll share the BEST products to solve your constipation quickly and effectively.

Looking to solve your constipation quickly? Or want to learn how to avoid becoming constipated? These products are perfect. I've seen these products help thousands of people cure their constipation.

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This is the number one supplement for the constipated individual. For many, this is all you may need and, YES, it is safe for daily use in all constipation types.

Magnesium can be confusing as there are many different kinds. Magnesium glycinate or chelate may be the most bioavailable on a cellular level but has not proved to be the best choice for the constipated individual.

Magnesium is generally safe for everyone but be sure to stay hydrated as it is considered an osmotic laxative which means it draws fluid into the intestines from other parts of the body.

Now let's cut to the chase as I share my favorite brands and how to use them.

I have listed two options below, a powder or capsules. Choose the one that you feel will fit best fit your nightly routine.

Natural Calm is powdered magnesium that comes in many different flavors or just plain. It is an ionic form of magnesium citrate that is a patient favorite. Natural Calm is the best-selling, award-winning ionic magnesium that mixes easily in water to restore healthy magnesium levels quickly and effectively.

RECOMMENDED FOR NIGHTLY USE FOR ALL TYPES OF CONSTIPATION (This may permanently resolve constipation issues for many)

Suggested Use: Take ½ - 2 teaspoons mixed with water at night daily. For stubborn constipation issues, it is safe to increase the dose.

For those of you that prefer to swallow capsules rather than dissolve the powder into a drink, here you go. Be sure and drink a tall glass of water when you take this. It has been through the experience of my patients that this is better taken at one time and not divided. Most of my patients take their magnesium at night. Each capsule contains 150 mg of magnesium citrate.

RECOMMENDED FOR NIGHTLY USE FOR ALL TYPES OF CONSTIPATION (This may permanently resolve constipation issues for many)

Suggested Use: Start with 3-4 capsules at night (450-600mg) do this for a few nights as being constipated may delay results. Some individuals may need 6 capsules. Take with lots of water.

#2 Vitamin C

Yes!!! High doses of Vitamin C (Ascorbic Acid) are known to cause a laxative-like reaction which can be just another great addition to the constipation TOOLBOX.

I prefer the buffered version of ascorbic acid especially for chronically constipated individuals as it will be more gentle on the gut. Nausea can be a side effect of this protocol.

For those of you who receive IV Vitamin C infusions, this will not be the case as it will only work with oral ingestion over a few hours. This is a great cleansing tool that is safe to implement on occasion when you have a day to spare.

A word of caution though, it will create a very urgent watery result which is the goal but will sometimes be accompanied by bloating and discomfort. It is recommended that you do this on a day off and on an empty stomach.

Depending on your level of constipation you may feel like you will never see results, but trust me, you will get there. If you are taking any medications, please wait 2 hours before starting the flush so that it does not interfere with your medication absorption. Many of my patients will mix it with 100% natural juice as it has a very bitter taste.



Occasional or Moderate Constipation:

1 tsp (3g) in ½ cup of water or juice every 15 minutes for 1 hour (4 doses)

Chronic/ Severe Constipation:

2 tsp (6g) in 1 cup of water or juice every 15 minutes for 1 hour (4 doses)

If there is no evacuation after 1 hour continue every 15-minute doses. If you started at 1 tsp in 1/2 cup of water, increase to a tsp in a cup of juice for your fifth dose and continue every 15 minutes. If you started at 2 tsp in a cup of water, remain at that dose.

Continue until you achieve an urgent watery elimination. Do not stop if you only have a soft bowel movement--trust me, you will feel amazing tomorrow!!! Once you get to that watery place, STOP THE VITAMIN C.

Some individuals may continue to have frequent watery stools. STAY HYDRATED!

Do NOT complete a C-flush if YOU:

Are pregnant

Have hemorrhoids

Have Chronic Diarrhea

Have kidney or liver conditions (including kidney stones) •

Experience reactions to vitamin C

Vitamin C-flushes are also not recommended for children or frail, elderly people.

As your bowel function improves, the dosage needed to cause the flush should begin to decrease. It would be helpful to keep a record of this for your own reference.

Sqatty Potty - Position for the perfect poop!

The SQUATTY POTTY is quite the popular device when it comes to pooping efficiently.

Recommended by Doctors, Pelvic Floor Therapists, and Colon Hydrotherapists, the SQUATTY POTTY has proven to eliminate straining by 91%, increase emptiness by 85%, and decrease bathroom time by 71%. They are a very inexpensive addition to every bathroom in the house.

They come in white and wood finish.


Cape Aloe (14.99)

By Douglas Labs has been a patient favorite for years. Each capsule contains 250mg.

Super Aloe (22.90)

By Ortho Molecular Products is for the very stubborn individual as it is a higher dose (450mg)

Like other stimulant laxatives, Aloe Ferox can cause melanosis coli which is a darkening of the lining of the colon. This could make visualization under colonoscopy a bit more difficult. For this reason, I suggest this becomes one of the tools that you use to switch things up 2-3 times per week. You can certainly use this daily for short intervals of time but like everything else, you will find it less effective if you do not switch things up. Most of my patients find the Cape Aloe to be gentle and the perfect companion for those who get constipated when they travel. Occasionally it may cause temporary cramping as most stimulant laxatives can.

BEST FOR TYPES 2-5 Constipation short term or occasional use

Suggested Use: Take 1-2 capsules 2-3 times per week. I always recommend starting at the lower dose for a few days before increasing. You may find it beneficial to take daily for a week or so. In severely constipated individuals you may not see results for 2-3 days.

*FULLSCRIPT is a HIPPA-protected store where my patient go to buy high-quality (not high priced) supplements.  You will need to log in but there is much FREE information to see within this portal.  Just click on the supplements you need.  My patients always receive 10% off.


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